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Founded in 1978, Municipal Clinical Emergency Hospital No.25 with its to simultaneously attend more than a thousand patients is now a leading healthcare in the Volgograd region. Every year. The Hospital receives about 30 thousand patients and performs over 9000 surgeries. 

The Hospital is affiliated to Volgograd Medical University. The staff doctors work together with the hospital surgery and hospital therapy departments, R&D Institute of Rheumatology with Russian Academy of Medicine, exercise therapy department, anesthesiology and intensive care department with Volgograd Medical University’s Advanced Training Faculty, traumatology & orthopedics department, and obstetrics & gynecology department.

The Hospital provides diagnostics, neurosurgery, trauma care, vascular surgery, and the gynecologic, endocrinological, toxicological, gastroenterological, pulmonary, cardiac and neurologic (stroke) treatment. In the possession of the Hospital are the burn care, colorectal, rheumatologic and acute intoxication facilities, and regional vascular center (for acute coronary syndrome treatment).

The helicopter landing site on the premises helps minimize the time to deliver patients from remote locations.

The in-patient clinic offers comfortable ward end Wi-Fi. The Hospital has a canteen, a newsstand, and a Russian Orthodox chapel.

Good equipment, efficient personnel, considerate treatment of patients, team spirit and team work join to make the patient’s stay at the Hospital comfortable and enjoyable. Resident and guests of the Volgograd region can combine their vacation with diagnostics and expert treatment at Emergency Hospital No.25. 


  • The Hospital possesses advanced equipment for diagnostics, treatment and preventive care, and a cutting-edge surgery unit.
  • Round-the-clock aftercare for the early post-surgery period is ensured.
  • The rehabilitation therapist will develop your individual aftercare scheme.
  • Extra services: hotel booking, rent of apartment, meeting at the railway station/airport, delivery to the Hospital, SIM card of a local operator, personal assistant.

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74 Zemlyachki str., Dzerzhinsky city district, Volgograd 400138, Volgograd region Paid services unit: +7 (903) 316-88-86 Shoshinov Igor Gennadevich


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