Fundamentals of Health Care

In accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation, everyone has the right to health care and medical assistance.

In State Healthcare Facility "City Clinical Emergency Hospital No. 25" according to the Law of the Russian Federation of November 21, 2011 No. 323-FZ "On fundamental healthcare principles in the Russian Federation" patient has the right for:

1) the choice of a doctor and the choice of a medical organization in accordance with this Federal Law;

2) prevention, diagnostics, treatment, medical rehabilitation in medical organizations in conditions corresponding to sanitary and hygienic requirements;

3) getting consultations of medical specialists;;

4) relieving pain associated with a disease and / or medical intervention with accessible methods and medications;

5) Obtaining information about his or her rights and responsibilities, his or her state of health, the choice of persons who can be informed about the state of health in the patient's interests;

6) obtaining clinical nutrition in case the patient is on treatment in stationary conditions;

7) protection of Private Health Information;

8) rejection of medical intervention;

9) compensation for harm caused to health in the provision of medical care;

10) admission of a lawyer or legal representative to protect his or her rights;

11) the admission of a member of the church to him or her, and in the case of a patient being in hospitalized treatment - to provide conditions for the conduct of religious rites, which are possible in a stationary environment, including the provision of a separate room, if this does not violate the internal order of the medical organization.


The procedure and conditions for the provision of medical assistance, are established by regulatory legal acts of the state authority of the subject of the Russian Federation in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and the Program of State Guarantees.  

The order No. 410n of the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of August 11, 2008 "On the organization of work in the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation on the development of procedures for the provision of certain types (by profiles) of medical care and standards of medical care" introduced the formal practice of preparing and applying Healthcare Standards.

The purpose of the Standard is to specify the model of the patient (the description of the "typical" case), the scope and conditions of application of the standard (diagnoses, outpatient or inpatient conditions, duration of treatment, etc.), the way of treatment, indicating specific recommendations for the use of technical and medication. The standard is intended for compulsory execution in the health care system, working under the program of implementing state guarantees for providing citizens with free medical care.

A typical standard may include:

- an indication of the type of medical care (primary health care, specialized, ambulance), in which the Standard is used;

- a list of diagnostic medical services with indication of the number and frequency of their provision;

- a list of medical services with indication of the number and frequency of their provision;

- a list of used medicines with indication of single and course doses;

- a list of expensive medical products (including implants, endoprostheses, etc.);

- a list of blood components and drugs, indicating the number and frequency of their provision;

a list of dietary (curative and preventive) nutrition, indicating the number and frequency of its provision.      

In-patient medical care is provided to citizens in cases of diseases, including acute illnesses, exacerbation of chronic diseases, poisoning, trauma, pathology of pregnancy, childbirth, abortion, and during the neonatal period, which require round-the-clock medical supervision, intensive treatment and (or) isolation , including epidemiological indications. Citizens have the right to familiarize themselves with the territorial program of state guarantees in the health care institution, the insurance medical organization that issued them the medical insurance policy of compulsory medical insurance, the health management authority, the territorial fund for compulsory medical insurance of the subject of the Russian Federation, the mass media, the websites of the territorial funds of the compulsory health insurance.